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1.Do I need to set up an account to place an order? 

2. How do I place an order? 

3. What kind of payment methods do you accept?

4. How much does shipping cost?

5. How do I know if has received my order?

6. Why do I need a verification code sent to my mobile? 

7. What if I don’t receive the code?

8. How can I track my order? 

9. How long will it take for my order to be delivered?

10. What if an incorrect/incomplete order is delivered to me?

11. What happens if I receive a damaged product/item?

12. What is the procedure for cancelling an order? 

13. How do I know if an item is in stock?

14. The article I want to buy is ‘out of stock’ in my size. What do I do?

15. How do I know what size will fit me?

16. How can I receive updates on promotions and sales?

17. I forgot my account username/password. What should I do?

18. What technologies are available in HP Pakistan?

19. How do I clean my footwear?


Do I need to set up an account to place an order?

You can shop at either by registering with us or using a guest account to check out.

Creating an account on you access to the following benefits:

  • Manage your account details, track your order status and review past purchases
  • Save your shipping details for future purchases and a faster shopping experience
  • Stay up-to-date about our latest stock, special online promotions, and discounts!


How do I place an order?

Follow the following simple steps to place an order:

    • 1. Select the desired article to go to its respective page.
    • 2. Select the desired size and color, if applicable, from the option on the right.
    • 3. Once the desired size and color are selected, click add to cart button on the right.
    • 4. The article will be added to the cart. Follow Steps 1 to 3 to add more articles to the cart if required.
    • 5. Once you have added all the desired articles in the Cart, click on the Cart Button on the top right to View Cart or Checkout.
    • 6. Once you click Checkout, you will be directed to the Customer Information, Shipping Details, and Payment Method Page. Fill in your details and check the Save Information for Next Time box to save information for faster checkout on your next purchase. You can also create an account to save all your information, history and get access to the latest promotions, offers, and information.
    • 7. Once you click Complete Order, you will be sent an Order Confirmation Email and SMS. Click on the verification link in the SMS to confirm your order.


What kind of payment methods do you accept?

  • Cash On Delivery (for Pakistan orders only)

 Cash on Delivery

How can I pay COD (Cash on delivery)?

  • You can pay through Cash on Delivery (COD) for transactions up to Rs. 25,000. Once all Product(s) you wish to purchase has been added to your cart, follow the steps below to pay with COD:


    • Place order as prescribed in ‘How to place an order’.
    • In the Payment Information form, select ‘Cash on Delivery’
    • On delivery of the product, you’ll be asked for the required amount in cash and a receipt will be provided along with your purchase.
    • For Cash on Delivery (COD) orders please make sure all the provided information is correct and there is nothing missing in the required details. If the details are incorrect/missing, the order will be halt. You can also get the information fixed at the time of the verification call. The payment will be collected from the provided shipping address on all cash on delivery orders.

How much does shipping cost? 

  • We offer free shipping in Pakistan on all orders
  • How do I know if has received my order          After you place your order on the website, an acknowledgment email will be sent to you from our website, as confirmation of your order. This will not, however, indicate if the order has been shipped. To track your order, please sign in to your account and visit the Account Dashboard (if you registered with us), or contact our Customer Support center, with your Order ID 
  • Why do I need a verification code sent to my mobile                        After you’ve placed an order of your desired product, a code will be sent to the mobile number you provided previously. After submitting this code, your order will have been confirmed. This process only helps us to improve our delivery system.
  • What if I don’t receive the code?                                                          You should have received an SMS with your code by now. If it isn’t there, you may hit resend again. If you still didn’t receive the code, you may have provided the wrong number. If that is the case, you will receive a call from us. Also, a verification email will be sent on your given email id; from which you can reply with a verification code to process order further
  • How can I track my order?                                                                      As soon as you place your order, you will receive an email as confirmation. In this email, you will find the Order ID. You can then track your orders from your Account Dashboard directly or by contacting our Customer Support with the Order ID if you checked out as a guest. 
  • How long will it take for my order to be delivered                         Delivery generally takes 5-7 business days. Please note that dispatches are not made over the weekend or on gazette holidays. 
  • What if an incorrect/incomplete order is delivered to me?                We take all measures to ensure that you receive your correct order. However, in case an item is missing or incorrect, you can get in touch with our Customer Support center to rectify this. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. 
  • What happens if I receive a damaged product/item?                     Please contact our Customer Support center immediately (within 24 hours), via email or telephone for further assistance
  • What is the procedure for canceling an order?                                Order cancellation depends on whether your order has been shipped or not. Send your order cancellation requests via your Account Dashboard or our Customer Support center, as soon as possible, so that we can assess whether we can fulfill your request. Once we receive your Order Cancellation request, we will get in touch with you within 24 hours regarding the status of your order and confirm whether the order can be canceled or not. Please note that if the order has been shipped, it cannot be canceled. However, you may return/exchange the product in accordance with our Exchange/Return policies. 
  • How do I know if an item is in stock?                                                   We ensure that our website is updated regularly and that only the available items are listed. If the desired size is not available for a certain item, the product page will clearly identify “Out of Stock” for you. For queries and special requests concerning sizing and/or availability, please call or email our Customer Support center. 
  • The article I want to buy is ‘out of stock’ in my size. What do I do? 

    We continually strive to make all designs and sizes available to you. Common sizes for shoes are sometimes the first to go, as well as the highly popular items. Please keep checking our website for updated stock and new arrivals.
  • In case, your size is not available on the online store, you can check your size availability from our company operated outlets located nearest to you. Store Manager of your nearest store will assist you in acquiring your desired size from any of our branches located all over Pakistan.
  • To check locations of our company-operated outlets, please visit the link below:
  • You can also call our Customer Service Department at +92348-1114747 to inquire about size availability.



  • How can I receive updates on promotions and sales?                       You can sign up for our newsletter and/or register with us on the website to keep up to date on all our promotions, sales, and special offers. Alternately, you can continue to visit our website regularly to stay posted on all new development.
  • I forgot my account username/password. What should I do?           Our Customer Support Team will be happy to assist you in retrieving your account information. Please contact us via telephone or email to receive help on retrieving your account details.
  • 19. How do I clean my footwear? 
    In general, we recommend the following guidelines for cleaning the footwear:
  • Cleaning: on a regular basis, brush away any surface dirt with a soft brush.  After extended, rugged use, wash with mild soap and warm water.  Be sure to rinse all soap off.
  • Drying: Open footwear fully, remove the insole and laces and dry at room temperature.  Never expose to heat!
  • Conditioning: Recommended treatment depends on the construction and materials of the footwear (most treatments do alter color and appearance).


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